Who We Are

FIUTS is a nonprofit organization based on the campus of the University of Washington and focused on promoting international understanding and community.

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FIUTS envisions a global community, tied to the Pacific Northwest, in which people are connected through friendship, mutual respect, and a commitment to international understanding.


FIUTS believes in person-to-person diplomacy as key to international understanding, and that connections between individuals can lead to bonds between communities and bridges between cultures and nations. When people from diverse backgrounds share experiences, conversations, and learning in a safe environment, they build relationships that have the potential to shape the future for all of us. To FIUTS, every student represents an opportunity to create a new connection - with students across our campus and people throughout  our community.  All FIUTS programs engage participants as ambassadors of their own experiences and connect them with people who think and act differently, providing space and time for curiosity, dialogue, and reflection. When they leave FIUTS programs, alumni continue to act on values of community, openness, and integrity in their future actions and interactions.

Building Community. Our community believes in the collective power to make positive change in the world and promotes curiosity, shared purpose, and civic pride. True communication happens when people feel comfortable, so FIUTS provides shared experiences, challenges, and fun so participants build trust naturally with others despite their initial differences.

Working with Others. Leadership can only be learned by practice. FIUTS creates a range of leadership opportunities, allowing young people to  facilitate dialogue, try new things, reflect on their own growth, and build skills through practice. Large and small group experiences provide opportunities for experimentation and collaboration.

Exploring Identity. As students participate in intercultural programs and experience leadership, they are challenged to reflect on and articulate their own values and beliefs and take risks to build resilience. Storytelling and dialogue celebrate the diversity of beliefs and background of every individual.

Changing the World. In all of FIUTS programs, students are asked to consider how they will improve their communities and the world around them and encouraged to seek opportunities to take action to make the world better for everyone.